Banking online live with us

The Energy Credit Union can be accessed via our web page live and in full video.  Why visit the branch when you can chat with us personally utilizing the power of SKYPE

You can chat with us face to face with your web cam and microphone on any device such as smart phone,  personal computer, laptop virtually any device that supports SKYPE.

SKYPE is free so there is no cost to our members.  This is a completely free service to use


skype logoLaunch SKYPE first and click your representative below


In order to use our new service follow these instructions

Step 1: Download and install SKYPE

Download skype from and follow their insturctions for installation.  You will be required to setup a SKYPE ID and account. 


Step 2:  How to add a credit union staff member

Goto our "banking online live with us" page on your device or computer you have SKYPE installed on. Click on the name of the person you would like to connect with.  If only one person is listed please click them.  This will then open up skype in on your device or computer.

Step 3:  Connecting

After SKYPE launches you will need to save the contact information to your SKYPE.  You can then click on the user from your contact list and click the cam symbol.  SKYPE will then connect with The Energy Credit Union and accept your connection. 

Note:  If no one answers they are either away from their desk or on another call

Step 4:  Optional Screen Sharing

Once you have connected with the Energy Credit Union on a call you can share your computer screen.  Click on the "share screen" icon in the SKYPE chat window
This is useful if your having trouble understanding something on the website or have information in a word or excel file you would like to share. 

Note:  You can share any information you like using screen share.  You just need to have it up on your screen and the credit union will be able to see it.

Disclaimer: This service is only available upon appointment basis only, and only general information will be shared over video chat.  Nothing will be recorded or shared with anyone else without your authorization