Interac Flash® Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Interac Flash®?
A. Interac Flash® is an enhancement of Interac Debit. With Interac Flash® you can simply pay
in a ‘flash’ by holding your card up to a reader that supports Interac Flash® technology to
make a payment instantly. There is no need to insert the card or enter a PIN on
small transactions.
The flash feature is activated by using the chip and PIN at any merchant in
Canada or at any ATM displaying the logo for either Exchange, ACCULINK® or Interac

Q. What are the benefits of Interac Flash® to consumers?
A. The primary benefit is that the Interac Flash® service is a fast and convenient
way to pay for everyday purchases at the point-of-sale. Interac Flash®
technology is built using the highest security available for contactless payments
protecting it from electronic pickpocketing attacks.

Q. Why is the industry moving to Interac Flash® technology?
A. The move to Interac Flash® technology is the latest innovation in the rapidly
changing payments environment, and demonstrates the industry’s
responsiveness to consumer’s needs for convenience and security.

Q. Is there a limit to how much can be spent using Interac Flash® technology?
A. Yes, there are transaction limits for purchases made using Interac Flash®. A
single transaction using Interac Flash® cannot exceed $100 and there is a
cumulative spend limit of $200. Once the $200 limit is reached (regardless of the
time it takes to reach that limit), you will be asked to insert your card and enter
your chip and PIN to complete the transaction. Inserting the chip and PIN to
complete a transaction will reset the Interac Flash® limits.

Q. Can the limit for Interac Flash® transactions be increased?
A. The limits for Interac Flash® have been set by Interac® so we do not have the ability
to change or increase the limits for Interac Flash® transactions.

Q. Can Interac Flash® be used everywhere?
A. The Interac Flash® debit card will work everywhere, however the merchant has to
have an Interac Flash® compatible terminal to be able to use the ‘tap’ or flash method of
payment. If they do not have a Interac Flash® reader, you will need to insert your card
Energy CU Interac Flash® Card and then begin using Chip and PIN
as you currently do today. Over time, more retailers will be installing Interac Flash® enabled machines.

Q. Do I have to use the Interac Flash® technology?
A. No, you do not have to use the Interac Flash® technology if you don’t want to. You can
continue to use your MEMBER CARD as you have in the past, by inserting your
chip and following the prompts on the screen when conducting a transaction at
any ATM or when making purchases at a merchant location.

Q. Can I change my PIN?
A. If you know your existing PIN you can change it at any credit union ATM that
displays the Exchange or ACCULINK® symbol. You can also change your PIN at any
Energy CU branch if you have forgotten it or feel it should be


Q. Is Interac Flash® secure?
A. Yes, it is secure. Interac Flash® uses secure chip processing to protect against
skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pick-pocketing. There is also a
cumulative spend limit that once reached requires a ‘chip & PIN’ transaction to
ensure the user is the legitimate cardholder.

Q. What if someone steals my card – what will stop them from emptying my

A. Another layer of safety comes from limits set on your Member Card® debit card
enabled with the Interac Flash® service. The maximum amount per purchase
using the Interac Flash® service is $100. On top of that, there is a cumulative
spend limit of $200. Once this limit is reached (regardless of time in which it is
reached), you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN to complete
the transaction. Inserting the chip and PIN will reset your Interac Flash® limits.

Q. Do I need to keep my card in an aluminum case or some type of card

A. No. The Near Field Contact (NFC) technology inherent to the Interac Flash®
service protects your card from being copied and counterfeited. You can use and
carry your card with confidence, knowing no one can pickpocket information or
process fraudulent transactions.

Q. Are there any other consumer protections in place?
A. Consumers are protected by the terms and conditions of your Member Card®
debit card PIN agreement, in addition to the Interac Zero Liability policy.
For your part, it is important that you:
  •  Prevent others from using or accessing your card, by keeping it secure andwithin your control at all times.
  •  Monitor your accounts and immediately report any suspicious activity.
  •  Immediately report your card if it becomes lost or stolen.
  •  Please refer to your Member Card debit card PIN Agreement for more information.
Q. How will I track purchases I’ve made using the Interac Flash® service?
A. You will be able to get receipts just the way you do today with your Chip and PIN
debit purchases. Each transaction will be itemized on your statement.