Personal Loans

Maybe you have some major purchases, a family vacation or some debt to consolidate. Whatever your needs, TECU can give you some peace of mind. We have a fast, easy and confidential application process and most loan approvals occur the same day you apply. Preferred rates are available. You can apply in person, online or over the phone. Our flexible payment options allow you to get rid of unwanted debt fast. Payments become painless through payroll deduction or automatic transfers and you can make extra payments with no penalty for paying off your loan early!

Bio-Incredible LoansBio-Incredible Loans

Saving money and helping the environment is easy with TECU’s Bio-Incredible loans. Members can receive .25% off loan rates when the loan purpose is to improve the energy rating of your home.  This can include new windows, appliances, heating systems or anything else that will help you reduce energy consumption in your home.

New & Used Vehicle Loans

Let TECU steer you in the right direction with the financing for your new wheels! We offer 100% financing with terms up to 60 months, saving you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan. Great advantages like fast approval and flexible repayment should drive you to make TECU your first stop. For all of you in a hurry; pre-approval can make the purchase of your new vehicle even faster!

Power Sport Loans

If a snowmobile, water craft, motorcycles, trailers, gym equipment, RV’s, snowshoes, golf equipment or a parachute is what you’ve been looking for to keep you on top of your game, see the loan department at TECU. Whether your activity is rigorous or relaxing, TECU has the Power Sport Loan Special that will support you on your quest for wellness.

TECU can help you set sail early for this boating season. We offer boat loans with 5 year terms with amortization up to 15 years, allowing you to keep those payments affordable.


Need help to lower your monthly payments and get rid of unwanted debt? If you are unsure what to do, we have free credit counseling services. Let TECU put all those high interest credit cards and lines of credit together under one loan with a great rate. If you need even more flexibility maybe a TECU line of Credit is a better option for you. Drop by and allow our staff to help you get your debt away from seeming like a mountain into feeling like a molehill!

Home Improvement Loans

Our home improvement loans range from painting the house to adding a new garden, any improvements that can increase the value of your home.

Cushion Loans

If the payday treadmill is making you tired, let TECU help! We offer special loans that have no fees or service charges that will cushion you between pays You have up to 4 pays to repay the loan, with no penalty for early repayment. If other loan companies are making you run in circles, TECU should be your first stop. Our Cushion Loans can save you time and money. So, if an unexpected emergency catches you in between pay periods give us a call and rest easy.

Tune Up Loan

Now you can Tune Up your financial position! Over the course of your loan, with regular reviews you can decrease the interest rate on your loan! Things like Credit Bureau improvement, the creation of a Savings Plan and overall debt reduction can save you money and help you on your way to maintaining financial freedom! If you are interested in this great new product, please contact the lending department today!



If you have any questions please give our Lending Department a call at 416-238-5606.

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